The website formally closed on the 7th August 2018 after a little ado about little.  Shades of Shakespeare.

The attributes, qualities and historical works of Steel Pallet Systems are in “hibernation” awaiting the right time to re-surface AND this time with adequate financial backing to provide volume pooling rental services to substitute for wood and plastic products.

We nearly got there but time and chance, a takeover, and those feeling threatened moved against us. They are unforgotten.  So are those for us who risked losing their employment (one did).

There was never an intention to enter the small volume special size and purpose pallet market.   There are players out there providing that small quantity service using heavier hot rolled steel sections with varying coatings as required.  Volume is our market aim.

So it has been thirteen long years to website shut down on 7th September 2018.

Images are alive and well here on WordPress and some of the story (and this will be maintained) also on Google images under the name steelpalletsystems.   The title “steel pallet systems” with separated words is used by someone or other in China to promote steel racking supplies and not so much steel pallet supplies, or so it seems.

Contact address again is or by leaving a public message on this WordPress site.  We ARE traceable for any who need it.



A PATENT HAS BEEN GRANTED IN BRAZIL, selected as The Key country in South America.




Coffee Bean Bags on Pallets

Note the stacking arrangement and overhang.  Four layers per pallet.

The pallets are Australian size nominally 1165 wide.

CofiCom Bags on Pallets

It is a Pity.

It is a pity so MANY alternate pallet suppliers, entrepreneurs and the like, have tried it on their own and failed.  It is a pity they, we, did not unite and combine our efforts for the seen need.  Hundreds of millions of USD have been wasted so thrown away, due to pride, ego, false premises, and failing to learn the lessons of others.  If only they (we) had  combined effort and resources against the odds, the outcome would have been different.

Maybe one day…….


I do not know why some outfit in Russia selects the website to refer others who have no relevance nor empathy for the pallet industry, just the opposite, along with a lot of crap.  They are back again.  But not for long.

Other future contact email address