Plastic Waste (inorganic) Polluting

plastic garbage in ocean

Photo credit Ingrid Taylar

& Ocean Clean-up Foundation

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch now consumes a whopping 600,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

The immense mass of predominantly plastic waste floats halfway between California and Hawaii, as a large part of the more than five trillion pieces of plastic garbage currently polluting our planet’s most precious resource. The Ocean Cleanup Foundation has spearheaded the recently published research, explaining that the wind and convergence of ocean currents are what gather so much of it into one place.

The “patch” contains more than 1.8 trillion pieces of garbage and weighs approximately 88,000 tons. That is the rough equivalent of 500 jumbo jets — and more than 16 times the size of previous estimates. It has nearly doubled the size of Texas — and is bigger than France, Germany, and Spain combined.

PS  This patch is just one.  There are more in other oceans.


Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing

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Wood Pallet Recycling

Yes, all scrapped at cost or for recycling but NOT into the same product.   Steel, once the ore is out the ground and manufactured, at point of product disuse, can be recycled at value and manufactured into the same product using reduced energy time and time again WITHOUT any degrading quality.  You don’t do that with wood or plastic.

Steel Pallet Production Base

The factory 001a

Steel Pallet Variables

CAD  HD Pallet 48x40 001.1Steel Pallet Systems has a range of CAD/CAM drawings prepared for a variety of pallets, in size, capacity and type.  For example the chemical pallet CP7 version; the China export pallet (980×1140 and 790 x 1140); a China domestic pallet 1150 x 1690; Asian standard pallet 1100 x 1100; International standard 1200 x 1000; Australian standard 1165 x 1165 single and double sided plus a special reduced weight unit; in fact all major international standards, both four way and two way entry and of course the USA 48″ x 40″.   All in lightweight galvanized steel.

Using computer aided design and manufacture results in fast and economical production of all components, amplified by scale.





World Pallet Market

Based on industry estimates, Berg Insight reported that the global base of pallets used for transportation is around 10 billion units.