The two key players

In days gone by.  Near 3,000ft altitude.  A nice climb.

Norman Debonnaire (R) and Alec Bailey (L)

Palleteers at the Summit


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Once out it stays out.

Open cut mine

Inorganic!  It can be recycled endlessly without material degrading unlike plastic and hardwood pallets and in volume will match the sale price or as an asset rental leave them for dead.  Recycling processed steel is much cheaper than the original production.  All pallets need repairs at some time this is why we use rivets and not welds, unless specified otherwise. 


Radio Frequency Identification and Tracking (RFID) Success

This is the first and only lightweight galvanised steel pallet type to pass the test.  Note the readers set up at the warehouse door.  The RFID pallet and load tracking industry has advanced considerably since then and the cost reduced on tags.

Adilam - pallet on fork lift


Wood Pallet Recycling

Yes, all scrapped at cost or for recycling but NOT into the same product.   Steel, once the ore is out the ground and manufactured, at point of product disuse, can be recycled at value and manufactured into the same product using reduced energy time and time again WITHOUT any degrading quality.  You don’t do that with wood or plastic.

Steel Pallet Production Base

The factory 001a