World Pallet Market

Based on industry estimates, Berg Insight reported that the global base of pallets used for transportation is around 10 billion units.  What is 1%?


The Pallet Service Method Counts

The product exists but it is the method that counts.  The path to the big market needs a service similar to Peco, Loscam, Chep or Logipal.   So accept starting small like an acorn to then grow big, not with wood or plastic but with lightweight galvanized steel which is an asset more durable than wood.

Financial assistance welcome

For this big diverse market some financial and personal advice and assistance can be helpful.

Galvanized lightweight steel pallet no rust

We use pre galvanized high quality durable material (sorry no ‘s’).  No rust.

Steel Pallet Revised Website

The website is being revised.  Check it out for more information.

Steel pallet economical

In volume this could be USD50 – 60 delivered.  What type and capacity do you want and how many?  It could be cheaper.   Volume counts.

Lightweight steel pallet

Yes, a true lightweight.  Depending on size which is variable and allowing for typical capacity and whether double sided or not, or one way, 15kg to 26kg, or more, all galvanized.