200 Billion Tonne Kilometres

In 2008-9 Australian domestic freight carried by road amounted to 200 billion tonne kilometres. IF bulk constituted 50% and the balance was palletized load, then 100 billion pallets loads (average 1 tonne per pallet) were carried. IF the average weight of a typical hardwood pallet is 43 kg and the steel pallet is 26 kg the weight saving per year to the road transport industry is 17kg multiplied by 100 billion. Translate this to increased payload, reduced road taxes, reduced wear and tear, reduced fuel, reduced carbon outputs, and all other relevant factors, the lightweight steel pallet definitely carries on this important strategic factor alone with definite “weighted” advantages.

On the payload factor in isolation this acknowledged generalisation translates to 1,700,000,000 tonnes extra capacity per annum.


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