RFID Success

This is old now but paved the way successfully.  Today equipment and practicalities have improved.

After exhaustive testing Adilam Technologies believes that RFID solutions for use with steel pallets are feasible in a typical supply logistics environment.

Utilizing the QinetiQ 900MHz RFID tags flush mounted to steel pallets, accompanied with the Alien Technologies ALR-9800-WR1 system, several experiments were conducting under the systems standard operating conditions.

Our conclusion, as supported by the evidence in this document, is that utilizing the above-mentioned criteria, a fully functional RFID Solution incorporating steel pallets is a workable solution.

Additionally in an effort to enhance the performance of such a solution Adilam Technologies is currently advising QinetiQ on specifications for a new industrial Q25 RFID tag. The industrial Q25 tag will exhibit greater durability to damage and its size and shape will be specifically designed for optimal use within the steel pallet project.


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