See pictures below.

The myriad of pallet type options available around the world is confusing if not difficult for someone new to the industry, even in the industry, in checking for comparisons and suitable options.

The following may help.

First our focus is on flat steel pallets designed for long term multi-trip use, not IBC’s, cages or frames.

This steel pallet is a designed ‘system’ enabling a variety of size, weight, capacity and function options for a customer.

One can easily confirm steel is a SUPERIOR MATERIAL. However most steel pallets are made from hot rolled material and therefore heavy, expensive, painted and held together by welds. A lesser amount is designated lightweight using ‘thin’ steel and all are welded. Welds can break but essentially are fixed for the life of the pallet. Paint can be scratched and peel away allowing rust to attack the material, though some avoid this by expensive hot dip galvanising. So a portion is eliminated.

This pallet is fixed with rivets, and NOT WELDS, enabling REPAIR and REPALCEMENT of parts if and when necessary to protect and preserve the ASSET. So another portion is eliminated.
This pallet uses very HIGH QUALITY galvanised formable material of selected strength and thickness for the purpose and zero paint. So another portion is eliminated.

Some steel alternatives do not fit certain national nor equipment standards for safety, for example in Australia. Some more are eliminated.

Pallet standards exist – all for wood material. Plastic pallet suppliers create their own standards and word it similar to a specification. There is no steel pallet standard in the world. One is coming. This pallet does conform to standards in required sizes and load capacity but in a superior material. Originally this pallet was designed to conform to the Australian (wood pallet) Standard with capacity to adapt to other sizes, configurations and loads.

Ensure the material is readily available anywhere. This is a key and essential factor in the origination of this pallet system.

In mass production, this pallet is the most economical lightweight adaptable industry-conforming high enduring quality steel pallet in the world.

Then check THIS pallet can be MANUFACTURED VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE ON LOCALLY AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT. It does NOT have to be sourced or exported from another country thousands of miles away at extra expense.

In summary check out first material comparisons, then compare steel with steel. Compare whether hot (thick) or cold rolled (thin) material and if finish painted or hot dip galvanised. Then check to see if welded or riveted. Welds on galvanised material damage the protective surface. Then check it is conforming to pallet loads and handling equipment including racking. This affects deck spacing and gaps top and bottom and if a pallet can be stacked without damaging the load underneath.

Finally check on the price, and if durable, value for money.

We claim the best with most if not all features (see the comparisons page).

If anything is lacking and desirable it can be developed and added.

Questions and Comments are welcomed. Send to

Typical Heavy Welded Steel PalletSteel_Pallet Aceally (Xiamen)Steel_Pallet Najing Union LogisticsSteel_Pallet Qingdao Yongchang Suye


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