Comparing Plastic Pallets, 17 Points to Consider

Courtesy Rick LeBlanc,

If you are shopping for durable plastic pallets, there is more to
consider than size and price. Here are some points that may be important
to consider:

  1. Durability
  2. User references and case studies
  3.  Is top deck solid or vented? Also, top deck options such as lip, grommets, scuffing, spin disks, or cleats may be relevant.
  4.  Nestable or bottom deck (stackable/conveyable) design
  5. Block or stringer design, opening sizes for material handling equipment
  6. Pallet weight and height
  7. Availability of handholds
  8. Material composition, manufacturing process
  9. Design – one or two piece
  10. Water drainage characteristics
  11. Static, dynamic load rating requirements
  12. Edge-rackable load rating, and in one direction or two?
  13. Fire rating
  14. USDA/FDA approved?
  15. Financing, including lease and rental options
  16. Warranty and buy back program for damaged pallets
  17. Colour, branding options




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