Why a Lightweight Steel Pallet???

  1. Because most all alternatives use heavy hot rolled steel (angle iron, RHS and SHS sections), and are heavy, welded, expensive, economically unrepairable, paint finished and limited in market scope.
  2. Lightweight equals economy of quality steel material usage and acquisition cost.
  3. Lightweight equals greater ease of manual handling.
  4. Lightweight equals economy in transportation.
  5. Lightweight means sufficient to carry the loads with no overdesign.
  6. BUT IF circumstances dictate a heavier weight and thickness steel pallet we CAN easily comply.

An example photo of a heavy duty steel pallet is below, in this case using hardwood lead edges.

It has all the benefits but relatively costly?  Yes!

POINT:   Even this will not deter the eager, active, busy and careless fork lift driver from excessively damaging the pallet, ANY pallet.

So stick with a lightweight version, variable in gauge and capacity YES, but repairable and economically disposable if excessively damaged, and in volume acquired at a competitive with hardwood and better than repeat use plastic pallet price, and rental effective.  Most importantly if handled with care by fork lift drivers it will last for ten, twenty and thirty years.



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