Aside from ALIBABA’s recent decision to add “Steel Pallet Systems” to their website offering, or in reality to attract more potential customers to their website, they have NOT understood the English Language usage.  Check it out and you see pallet racking products, not steel pallets.  One could use an adjective beginning with “I”, and some more, but best not to.

Steel Pallet Systems is used in reality for a flat pallet base system, IP protected, easily adjusted in manufacture to all the domestic and international standard sizes including special dimensions without costly capital expenditure for equipment to produce each size e.g. plastic forming machines.  A pallet system adaptable for various loads, including excessive ones.

It is the most economical, functional, repairable (i.e. non welded), lightweight, galvanised, so durable, steel pallet option in existence, that cannot be improved upon (some have tried), and is designed for VOLUME usage that will compete with the ex factory cost of of a hardwood pallet and at end of life is worth money not expense.  It is the ULTIMATE STEEL PALLET now and for the future.

It does NOT have to be a full perimeter four way entry block pallet variation for obvious, or not so obvious to some, reasons.   If one has a question on this and seeks clarification please email info@steelpalletsystems.com.

Just one aspect for consideration.   A matter of design and quality.  First our steel pallet.



Below another metal pallet.  It is an un-necessary imitation in steel of a block pallet.

Not OK.


We are NOT closed minded to product innovation including the use of plastic or composite parts, if necessary for a user and cost efficient.  This does not mean we cannot make a heavier duty IBC version or a small Euro version.

But to compete with hard wood pallets, VOLUME is needed.  VOLUME!

One tree = six wood pallets, and they do not last long.  One durable and repairable steel pallet used correctly will preserve many trees.

Or scrap it for value not expense.

And with no nails, no splinters, no paint, clean and easily cleanable, with no absorption of chemical, oils or any liquid.


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