Re-usable material, no waste, ever, Oh?

Just imagine, no that is too watery, just think hard, that the raw material used for lightweight steel pallets when reaching the end of useful life after being rented out (hire and de-hire) and reprocessed at a greatly reduced energy cost than before then be available for forming and assembly into steel pallets again without any quality degradationThis time the material is an asset, owned not acquired at cost.   Therefore the newer pallets will be even cheaper (more economical) than before and reused for finished product repeatedly for decades, for rent or sale.  Wood cannot do that nor plastic without degrading.

With volume production automated robotic assembly will decrease the cost further.

Think about 20,000,000 steel pallets out there on this basis (Australia and New Zealand).  Depending on pallet size, quantity and purpose say 500,000 tonnes of steel material being reused, reused, reused and reused.  This would avoid cutting annually up to 500,000 tonnes of wood.

Then would the lightweight steel pallet come close in price to a hardwood pallet?  A game changer?  A valid example?  DYOR.

Etc. etc. etc.


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