ONE SMALL TREE? One pallet 1200 x 830

There is nearly ONE metre of thin tree trunk in the blocks alone. 

NOTE THE AGE CIRCLES that the blocks are cut from.

Then TWELVE METRES of plank each about 17mm thick by typical 90mm wide. (actual 100mm and 80mm).  That is approx. 136mm thick by 80mm wide piece of wood.   This must be getting close to ONE SMALL TREE?  Check it.

The pallet is 1200 x 830 X 140 and an unusual size made for a purpose, but not to accommodate what was shrink wrapped upon it.

The efficiency or lack of is evident in the block wood splitting when nails are inserted.  This one may have lasted for two trips only, an import shipment then a regional delivery.    That is it.  After a final shipment it considered trash, no recall, no charge, not wanted anymore, keep it.  This is a market pooling companies do not see any opportunity in due to complexities and costs.  No wonder so many pallets are utilised by innovative persons in building seats, sheds, fences and the like.  No wonder there is thankfully a major recycling industry in the USA.

No wonder there IS a pooling industry or the environmental damage effects would accumulate and be much worse.

BUT if one million new wood pallets are manufactured for one pooling company every year operating in one country and region does that not indicate a problem?  Does it not mean a similar though variable amount is wasted?

But a thin cold rolled material steel pallet with a zinc coating has value.  It can be sold, reprocessed at a fraction of the energy it cost to initially make, and reformed using automated equipment, again and again and again and again.  YES.  There is no denial.






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