Steel Pallet Systems – THE NAME

This business name, company name, protected website name and descriptive name was thought of, created and originated by this writer thirteen years ago (2005).  Since then others have adopted the name and description steel pallet systems (including in China) because they realize there IS something to it.   We have no connection with JNI Pallet Systems who have despite a complaint entered “steel pallet system” to their Google page.

They have nothing to do with us even though “nearby”.  They are NOT on the same page and never will be.  They do not understand the significance behind the name’s origin and do not comply with it in practice.  To them it just sounds good, and it is.

None of their range of products is compatible with ours.  This will be obvious to anyone checking up in detail.

This is no negative reflection on their business and products.

This is for readers clarity.