A major pallet rental company has publicly indicated that purchased wood pallets have an average life of TWO to THREE YEARS.  To be added to any purchase price is the cost of repairs, cannibalisation for replacement parts, disappearances and losses.

No doubt an experienced manager may add to this list of costs.

For companies locked into a purchased pallet operation this appears a negative reality.

Therefore substituting with durable lightweight galvanised steel pallets that are compatible in configuration and size to your industry, on a purchase or rental or operating lease situation, offers a strong long-term multi-advantaged solution.

For steel we are talking of LESS than 10c per day then a purchase for say $1 each at end of agreement period.  This seems impractical with wood – yes?

Note the colour is irrelevant.  Wood pallets can have any colour.  The damage is relevant.

Wood material deteriorates over time variable to exposure circumstances.



Lead edge splinters