Example of Wood Pallet Repair Volumes

IPP expands pallet damage repair coverage in UK October 2020

Credit Rick Le Blanc


IPP has established a new service center to serve as the platform for further growth in the UK south east. The strategically located facility in Grays, Essex which will process more than half a million reusable pallets within the first year. This site is an addition to the company’s existing network which include the £2.5 million fully-automated repair and repatriation center at Bardon Hill, Leicestershire. That operation processes in excess of 700 pallets per hour – a capacity of six million each year.

The new pallet inspection and repair service center, which began operations in the summer, is operated by S&R Smith and Son Logistics, a long-standing south east distribution specialist and transport partner for IPP who has also gained much experience in operating circular economy models.

Located next to the Thames, the service center will support IPP’s growth having the capacity to inspect and repair more than 1.3 million pallets per year.

Etc. credit Rick LeBlanc

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