The information below was found and though aged some years gives a good idea of what was planned and the margins involved.

PAM stood for pallet automated machine, a robotic programmed device for mass production and capable of adjusting to pallet size variations and volumes. Assumptions are a guide and depends on the standard sizes used, load capacity and customer. Raw material supply is essential and in this example equates to about 12,000 to 15,000 tonnes depending on pallet type. It starts with cold rolled galvanized steel coil. Further economies are possible using roll forming. This example uses CAD/CAM with component press braking and punching and then manual assembly the result of which can be seen in photographs. Just a few customers can accumulate to his volume, The market exists. The objective is mass production and not to supply in small quantities. This will take time. Yes – there is more but that is for later…..

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